2024 Activities

Welcome to the Activities Page – we have so many activities planned for this year.

Birthday Fabric Raffle, Quilter’s Pal, Block of the Month Project, and Share Your Skill are activities planned for 2024.

All patterns and instructions can be found as attachments to the monthly newsletter, as well as on the Facebook page (Wildflower Quilt Guild | Facebook) and the guild website. (Wildflower Quilt Guild). Look for the activity tables on the lefthand side of the room during the guild meetings.

Please refer to Wildflower Yearbook for contact info on classes


Tammy Ferguson – Coordinator

This is a great way to clean out your stash of unwanted fabric, so you have more room for fabric that is new to you. It is also a great way to “win” new fabric at our monthly guild giveaway.

There are three (3) ways to win this fabric at the guild meetings.

Members who bring in fabric for this drawing, will get to put their name in for a chance to win.

Those having a birthday that month will have their name put into a separate drawing.

Anyone can purchase a chance to win for $0.25. There is no limit on the number of chances you may purchase, but each person can win only two (2) prizes at each meeting.

Any member who wants to contribute please bring items listed below in good quality quilting fabric.

Please place loose fabric, listed below in a quart size labeled baggies.

1 Panel piece (in baggie)

2 Fat quarters (in baggie)

½ yard of fabric (in baggie)

1 yd. spaced-out prints (in baggie)

2.5” Charm Square Pack

10” Layer Cake

5” Charm Square Pack

1 Jelly Roll

If you don’t have a baggie at home no problem, we will have some at the meeting. If you are not able to cut down to size no problem, we can take it home & cut it down for next time.


Kate Snyder – Coordinator

Quilter’s Pal is a fun activity that encourages members to get to know each other better. At the October and November guild meetings participants complete questionnaires and turn them in for the December drawing.

At the December meeting participants draw for their secret Quilter’s Pal. Every month you bring a fun gift for your Quilter’s Pal and your Pal will bring a gift for you. Place your gift in the Quilter’s Pal area, and try not to “get caught” by your Pal.

Your identity is kept secret until the Christmas party. This is the most fun meeting of the year, and part of the fun is revealing yourself to your Quilter’s Pal. You deliver your Christmas present in person to your Quilter’s Pal. It is customary to have a small thank you gift for the person who has given you the wonderful gifts all year.

As you are running around and shopping throughout the year, remember your Quilter’s Pal and pick up anything cute you might find.

Please stick to the recommended price limits for your gifts.


$10 - $15 for monthly gifts

$20 for the December gift

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Quilters Cache - You Decide Picture Frame
Jan Rogers - Coordinator

We will provide the pattern for the Picture Frame Block, all you have to do is decide if the center block will be pieced or if you want to use a solid piece in the center. For example, you can piece together a snowflake, snowman, or use a piece of fabric with snowflakes or snowmen on it for your center block. Each block should represent the month. Another example, if you’re a traveler and you go somewhere every month you could do a block to represent where you’ve been or use something to represent how you spent that month kind of like a memory quilt. Just use your imagination and let’s see how creative everyone can be.

Due to copyright we cannot provide the block directions on our site.  

Click here to be directed to Quilters Cache for block directions.

Karen Woodham - Coordinator

In hopes of promoting quilting as a hobby, encouraging members to try new techniques, and hoping to offer fellowship with other members, we want to offer a NEW activity. If you have a particular skill or technique that you would be willing to share/instruct, please let Karen know and she will help you organize it.
I am offering this in the grid quilting technique starting this month. I will offer instructions at my home, at one of the bees, or some other space if interest outgrows my space. I am thinking 1 – 3 “students” at a time. Instruction time and place would be coordinated between you and your ”students.”

Current List of Skills Being Offered:

Definition: taking squares of fabric and adhesive grid interfacing to create traditional quilt blocks.
Would you like to learn the basics of grid quilting?
Learn how to adapt other blocks to create your own patterns.
Contact: Denise Farquhar

New to quilting or want to try a new skill? Kathy can help in many areas.

Freezer Paper Applique
 Quilt Construction
 Accurate 1/4" Seams
 Beginner Machine Quilting
 English Paper Piecing
Paper Foundation Piecing

Contact: Kathy Greene