Programs and Workshops - 2023/24

December 12th

Wildflower Christmas Party
Note the time is a 12:00 lunch

Program: January 17th

Marie Adams with Aunt Ree's Quilts - Bust Thru Your Scrap Pile

Marie owns Aunt Ree's Quilt Shop.  It is an online quilt store specializing in quick and easy projects for both the novice and experienced quilter.  With over 23 years of experience, Marie loves bringing the art of quilting to a new audience by showing them that it doesn't have to be hard or complicated.  It's ideal for those who have limited time and resources. 

Workshop: January 18th

Quilting on a Budget 

Class 9am - 3pm
Fee $40 ($50 for non-members)Lunch is included

The Workshop will showcase several ways to use the fabrics in your stash to create one of a kind projects.  Class will feature techniques such as the Accordian Method of sewing half and quarter square triangle blocks, String Blocks, and patterns using scraps.  Learn to make works of art, using what you have and having to buy very little if anything.

Program: February 21, 2024

Winnie Fleming

Winnie Flemming has been Quilting for over 40 years and teaching more than 35 years.  She is a Quilt Book author, Quilt judge, Craftsy Instructor, Quilt Teacher/lecturer, and pattern designer.  Quilting is her passion... and therapy.  Winnie loves scrap quilts, and Quilts that have a lot of piecing, which lead her to pieced borders.  She is always trying to break down and simplify piecing techniques.  Winnie loves teaching and visiting guilds with her programs and workshops. 

Workshop: February 21, 2024

Strip Tease
Class 9am - 3pm
Fee $40 ($50 for non-members) Lunch is included

The workshop covers two different kite quilt blocks.  A large kite and a smaller kite.  Both are scrappy blocks, but give you a totally different looks.

Size of large Kite Quilt - 60" x 80" without borders
Size of smaller Kite Quilt - 70" x 84" including borders

Program: March 20, 2024

Kathy Groves with Bobkatquilts Quilts

Kathy Groves has been an educator all her life.  Kathy has been teaching Quilt Making for more than 20 years.  She has taught beginning Quilting classes to advanced foundation, paper piecing (she is a Quiltworx Certified Instructor) to a wide variety of projects and techniques, including Applique. 

Workshop: March 21, 2024

All About Applique

Class 9am - 3pm
Fee $40 ($50 for non-members) 
Lunch is included
Project kit to purchase day of class

You will have the opportunity to learn a variety of machine applique techniques - from traditional raw edge, fusible applique to newer machine, applique technique that is neither fused or raw edge!  We will also look at interfaced Applique and reverse applique!  Kathy will also share how easy it is to create your own custom applique patterns - using your computer word-processing application and your printer.  Applicants will have multiple projects to choose from and will use different techniques to create an applique using butterflies or Hummingbirds.  Participants will learn at least four different machine applique techniques. 

 Program: April 16, 2024

Joanne Heady with Serenity Quilts in Brady Texas
Joanne Heady is a longtime Quilt owner in Brady Texas. She began her quilting store journey in 2008 and recently opened her Quilt retreat center.
She was led by calling from God. She says being a Christian and her love for helping and giving is her main goal of serving others. She comes from a long line of hand quilters. Joanne loves meeting people and getting to know them. The shop motto is come in a stranger leave as family.

Workshop: April 17th, 2024

Decorate Your Table

Class 9am - 3pm
Fee $40 ($50 for non-members) Lunch is included
Project kit to purchase day of class or use your own fabric

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to make a table runner and four placemats to use for whichever season you choose. There will be kits available for purchase or you could bring your own fabric using the pattern that will be available for purchase.

Program: May 21, 2024

Julie Mercer with Two Chicks Quilting

Two Chicks Quilting is a family owned quilt shop located in Grenada Texas. You’ll find quilting supplies machines and fun quilting classes under one roof. They strive to be the best quilt store in Texas the owner Julie Mercer is the head chick in charge. She learned to sew at the age of six with her mom, who at the time owned a fabric store in Grenada. Julie got involved in her local 4-H club. Julie was a vendor at the Houston Quilt Show in 2023.

Workshop: May 22, 2024

Let’s just bag it up!

Class 9am - 3pm
Fee $40 ($50 for non-members) Lunch is included
Project kit to purchase day of class

 Julie will be teaching how to make a quick bag for on the run.   Attendees should leave the workshop with a completed bag.

Program: June 18, 2024

Janet Plentl with JaVibe Barn Quilt

 Janet is the artist and founder of JaVibe Barn Quilts. She has been a fabric quilter for over 40 years. Quilt blocks, quilt patterns and combining colors have been her playground and happy place. In 2018, she discovered and became fascinated with barn quilts. The rest is history.

Workshop: June 19, 2024

Barn Quilt Painting !

Class 9am - 3pm
Fee $100 ($110 for non-members) Lunch is included

In this class, attendees with make a 24 inch by 24 inch barn quilt. The block will be chosen closer to date of the class. All supplies and knowledge needed will be provided by Janet. Come join us for this exciting opportunity.

Program: July 16, 2024

JerriAnn Massey with Annie McHugs

In 2010 JerriAnn was told she was going to be a grandmother and her response was "Oh! I need to learn to quilt!"  She began watching videos and learning as she went.  In 2013 she retired from the corporate world but as too young and energetic to retire, her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for quilting transformed into Annie McHugs.
She has been quilting for the public, designing quilts, and competing in Quilt Shows since 2014.

Workshop: July 17, 2024

“Reverse Applique using 10-inch Tools”  Workshop

Class 9am - 3pm
Fee $40 ($50 for non-members) Lunch is included
Project kit to purchase day of class

In this workshop, Annie McHugs will be teaching her signature technique: Picture Windows Reverse Applique using her 10-inch square tools.  This hands-on, tips, tricks, techniques, and idea class will keep you busy and entertained!   Annie McHugs has the following shapes available: Circle Tool, Orange Peels Tool, Heart Tool, Butterfly Tool, and Cross Tool. She’s begun a USA states collection which includes: the USA block, Texas Tool, Oklahoma Tool, Iowa Tool, and Minnesota Tool!  
(Please Note:  If you already own any of the 10” block tools, you are welcome to bring it to class to use!)

Program: Aug 20, 2024

Lisa Erlandson

Lisa Erlandson is an AQS Certified Appraiser of Quilted Textiles, lecturer, quilt show judge, teacher and quilt historian.  She also owns Le Retreat House in Gainesville, Texas.

Northern Lady Or Southern Belle? There was more than just the Mason-Dixon Line that divided the North and South. This program and trunk show will compare and contrast quilts from the 19th century in design, style and fabric to examine the regional differences of our quilting ancestors.

Workshop: Aug 21, 2024

Quilt Show Boutique Workshop 9am - 3pm
Fee $10 

Program: October 15, 2024

Jennie Jo Lamb with Lambfarmdesigns
Sewing has always been an influential part of my life. Growing up, there isn’t a time I can remember that my grandmother, mother, and aunt weren’t sewing or creating their next masterpiece. Naturally, I began with handwork; that evolved into garment sewing. Not long thereafter, I began quilting and the rest was history! In the last twenty years quilting has become my passion. Now, designing beautiful patterns is also a huge part of that passion.

I wake up everyday feeling blessed to watch my family grow in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Aside from quilting, I thrive on spending time with those I love.
I am a quilt pattern designer from the Pacific Northwest. Quilting is my passion and it seems that it has naturally evolved into quilt pattern writing. I started sewing at about 5 years old and have been sewing or quilting ever since. Writing patterns gives me an avenue to share my love of this art with others!

Workshop: October 16, 2024

All about Woolies

Attendees will have the choice of making one of two different wall hangings. A Christmas wall hang or a patriotic wall hanging. Jennie will work with members to guide, teach and help them with the wool project.